Talking about mental health

Asking if I'm ok

He just knows. I think that comes with just living with someone for a while, there are days that I would wake up and I don’t feel as sparkly as I would usually feel and without me even saying anything he will just bring me a cup of tea. Just the one, and put his arm around me and ask if I’m feeling okay. 

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Having friends who care despite the issues I have is such a lovely feeling and they don't realise just how much it means to me for them to be in my life. I don't ever want them to leave.


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I thought it'd be the end of the world when I told friends and family that I had depression. However, even if they can't fully understand, their acceptance and support has been vital to my recovery.


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true friends

I have been suffering from depression for many years now i was on the mend until end of last year i had a relapse feeling down and hating myself.My true friends have been great helping me get better.x


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Silent Support

Knowing that my friends are there when I need just to listen to me. They don't have to say anything, just knowing they are there is enough to give me a boost when I need it.


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Little note

When i was out shopping, i opened my purse and found a note saying "I love you more than anything!!" from my boyfriend & it made me smile, for a brief moment i felt alive, i felt loved and wanted!


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Little things

Waking up to a cup of tea on my bedside and a loving hug from my boyfriend, makes me realise i have something worth living for, aswell as watching our beautiful baby daughter grow up!


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Whatever happens...

"Whatever happens, i'm still here" is the most motivational thing my friends have ever said to me - one small phrase that seems to lift everything away for a moment


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My own self

I just wanted to let people know that things get better. And also you are not alone. Never feel worthless or useless... You will get the real you back. Hang in there guys.. Suffered for years


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Just a small reply

Hi britt, just wanna say I know how you feel. You are not alone... The fact you have a partner that knows you so well is amazing... Just wanted to show my support for you..


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Cannot be bothered!

Sometimes I have those days where I don't want to talk, I don't want to go out, I don't want to move, I don't even want to breathe! All I want to do is lay there and be quiet.


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Being there

Iv suffered generalied anxiety disorder for 4 years people underrate this illness terrible.. My mum has been my rock taking the kids to school, minding them while I was in hospital and being there


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Not talking about it

Although I strongly advocate discussing mental illness, there are times I just want to leave that part of me in the background. Some friends are great for asking how I am but not digging too much!


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My boyfriend

My boyfriend is my best friend. Going strong for roughly 5 years now I don't need to pretend I'm ok or even say anything for him to know exactly what to do to make me feel better that tiny bit better.


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Old Friends........

The most amazing thing in my life for me is old friendships. They see past the illness and a hug, coffee, or a mission to buy a gel paint brush are all deemed normal including my BPD.


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You are not alone

Just knowing that someone else has been there to, they know exactly how you are feeling and you are not alone with this.


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