Talking about mental health

Asking if I'm ok

He just knows. I think that comes with just living with someone for a while, there are days that I would wake up and I don’t feel as sparkly as I would usually feel and without me even saying anything he will just bring me a cup of tea. Just the one, and put his arm around me and ask if I’m feeling okay. 

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Listen to the person

When I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack most of the time my friend is there to just listen and try to calm me down. I think listening to the person and giving advice can help.


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Just checking in

I never say when I'm down. People close know when I'm low & asking if I'm ok means a lot, even if I say "I'm grand". They know I'm not really but leave it Being asked over & over just raises anxiety


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Having the most amazing boyfriend and little girl ever and i promise to get better for them


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Just say hello

When my anxiety has been bad I just wanted someone to text to say hi how are you? Its the difference between thinking no one cares and knowing someone cares. I am lucky to have my husband, my rock


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Send a card

My fiance's mum sent a card saying she was thinking of me, a simple gesture but it meant so much. Just knowing someone cares makes a massive difference.


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My friend listened,

and heard what I said, not what he expected or wanted to hear.


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My Anchor

Thank you for loving me when I am most unlovable.. Those hugs are my anchor, you bring me back to myself.. I love you.


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My safe space

Having lived with me for 2 years my partner knows when my depression is getting too much. He brings me a quilt so I have a safe little space to hide in. He makes sure I'm not alone and I'm cared for.


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A loving partner

It has not been easy for my husband to understand the depth of my mental health problems, resulting in me being diagnosed as bipolar. But he brings lots of hugs and comfort in my time of need.


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Food and Friendship

I get at least one invite per week to see friends for a meal, to chat and to watch TV together. I am single so this really makes a difference to be part of a family


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tea for two

thank you for recognising when I'm not at my best and keeping my teacup filled. there is never a problem so big it can't be handled with a brew and a cuddle x


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I have hope!!!

I have hope for mankind. everything is not all bad. I've seen a lot of good things lately.. and it's ( contagious ) thank you for everything my two angels


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When they just know

Somehow on bad days, distant friends always get in touch, letting me know I've not been forgotten. It always makes me smile to know that someone out there is thinking about me.


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Be there for someone

Reading all these makes me realise how alone I really am. No friends or family that ask me how I am. Just be there. Smile & ask if they're OK. It'll make a world of difference, trust me x


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People listening

People actively listening when I tell them I can't do something. I have BPD,depression,OCD and severe anxiety and people just listening when I say no without questions is really helpful for me


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