Talking about mental health

Just a cup of tea

He just knows. I think that comes with just living with someone for a while, there are days that I would wake up and I don’t feel as sparkly as I would usually feel and without me even saying anything he will just bring me a cup of tea. Just the one, and put his arm around me and ask if I’m feeling okay. 

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Practical stuff

I appreciate support with housework, gardening, and sorting out my clothes


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Messages when off

When I took time off work for depression, my colleagues sent me messages to check in on me, without putting any pressure on me


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Something together

Do something together. Ideally get outside - whatever the weather - stretch those legs, see some nature and let the conversation take its course. 


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Help with the shop

A friend came with me to do my weekly shop. It made a chore much easier, made me smile, and it made a lonely thing so much nicer. 


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How's it going?

Just receiving a text such as “How’s it going?” makes a big difference to me.


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She persists

When I'm depressed and cancel on my personal trainer, she comes round anyway.


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Just be there

Don't feel you need to understand everything - sometimes it's hard for me to give a reason for how I feel


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Head rub

When I'm having an anxiety attack, my partner massages my head and says encouraging things in my ear


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Send me a text

Sometimes getting a text from a friend makes all the difference. I find talking on the phone hard enough when I'm well, and it's impossible when I'm not.


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Watch TV with me

Sometimes all I want is for someone to sit and watch TV with me. If I'm feeling too down to go out and be social but I'm fed up of being on my own, then I don't feel lonely.


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Keep it simple

A text saying 'I was thinking of you today and thought I would text to let you know' was helpful to a friend when she was having a tough time


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Feelings vary

Don't assume that because the person feels relatively ok for a while that the problem has gone. Every day can be different in its intensity of feelings.


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Nice work emails

Some of my colleagues will send me little emails with funny images in when they know I'm having a hard time


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He was patient

I found it very helpful when my boyfriend was there for me, was patient, listened and didn't push me to do things I didn't feel like doing. Getting better takes time and it can't be rushed.


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Silence is OK

Allow silences, its ok to just wait, being in someone’s company may be all that’s needed. Sometimes it's hard to find the words to talk about mental health


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