Talking about mental health

Just a cup of tea

He just knows. I think that comes with just living with someone for a while, there are days that I would wake up and I don’t feel as sparkly as I would usually feel and without me even saying anything he will just bring me a cup of tea. Just the one, and put his arm around me and ask if I’m feeling okay. 

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My Blog

I started a blog to help my journey in getting better.


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A kiss goodmorning

Every morning before he goes to work my partner gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. If I'm not in a good place he will make sure he sends me texts asking how I am; It helps me through my day.


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Understanding friend

When a friend would pop a postcard through my letter box every Friday evening with a motivational quote on when I was in a very dark and bad place - it was one thing that truly kept me going.


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It's OK

When I get down, my fiancé recognises the signs and just holds me & tells me he loves, without expecting anything from me or wanting me to change. Unconditional love at its best! No shame; no blame.


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In hospital on section, told activity lady I miss eating avocado. 15 min later hospital driver came on ward with pack of 2 avocados for me


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keep moving forward

Every day is like a battle between me and anxiety. But anxiety isn't me. And it can be beaten. All together we can move forward, we can beat stigma by being wonderful people. We are all human.


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Time Out

I often find life can be overwhelming especially with 3 kids & 2 jobs. When I feel on a downward spiral my husband picks up on it instantly & will make me book some time to myself or with a friend.


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kept smiling

i have awesome friend who keep me smiling when ever things get so bad


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Small steps

Having someone to listen without judging me helps me. Singing in my local choir and exercise club helps me with my depression. It makes me feel good. Small steps make a huge difference!


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Comedy Show

Watching a comedy show with my adult sons. One of them never rarely socialises with me and he has no idea how 30-60 mins per week sat watching something with me, makes my life so much happier.


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"Down" days

Sometimes it's so hard to be around people. Conversation is too much. Just need to "be". To chill. Be alone a while. Or sit in quiet, wordless companionship.


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Just ask-and share

I am not ashamed to tell people that most of my family have OCD or Tourette's.


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A hug

I saw someone who I had not seen for a while, she knew about my mental health problems and gave me a big hug. To me, that meant the world. If you are comfortable with hugs they can help someone.


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If I'm starting to feel down I push myself to contact my friends and organize dinners, movies, museums or going out. Anything from a quiet coffee to a night out.. And the world seems a better place.


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The best thing and most powerful thing is when people who don't understand just accept that and don't assume things or judge you but simply accept that this is who you are in this moment and that's ok


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