Talking about mental health

Asking if I'm ok

He just knows. I think that comes with just living with someone for a while, there are days that I would wake up and I don’t feel as sparkly as I would usually feel and without me even saying anything he will just bring me a cup of tea. Just the one, and put his arm around me and ask if I’m feeling okay. 

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I'm 'fine'

Doctors don't know what to diagnose me with. Depression? MPD? Bipolar? Different words, same meaning. I'm mentally ill because a perfect childhood wasn't an option for me but neither is giving up...


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So Today...

Everyday I order the same coffee from the same shop, it's a routine I keep whilst Im having a down day. Today the assistant gave it me for free and told me he wanted to see my smile. Day Made!!


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Big small things

Counting my blessings can help............ in the evening I write a thank you list. Mental health matters means a supportive listener helps me not to feel alone.


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Even on my lowest days, when people tell me that I look really well and that everything will be okay, I feel better. Just a single text makes it feel easier to cope.


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When I am having a bad day and I feel I cannot do "the simple things," I do not beat myself up about it. I tell myself I it is o.k and that I can try again when it doesn't feel like too much.


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Little things

Two things pulled me temporarily out of my depression today: the phlebotomist taking my blood remembering my name. An old lady trying to help me pick up my files i dropped!


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cold and warm water

I went to pantry to refill my water bottle. A colleague said, "hey, the water in that tank has not been boiled. You may refill from that kettle." This little reminder served me a cup of warm feeling.


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'smiling depression'

The sinking feeling of unhappiness and trying to smile through the day to day sadness... I HAVE DEPRESSION. I have never felt so useless, thing is i smile through it well i try to, thats it, i try to.


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Being Silly

When I'm at my lowest my boyfriend will send me pictures or texts at random just to cheer me up. Even if it's just a snapchat with a silly filter. You don't always need to be serious to help.


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A reassuring smile

When someone asks me if I'm ok it is nice knowing that someone is listening as it really helps me feel better and when people smile at me it gives me more courage to open up and be honest

Jessica rose

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Your awesome

Forget about the box you been placed in,use the parts of your personality that are higher functioning to help society,forget the idots that lack understanding, dont take on their lack of education


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How to cope tomorrow

There is no way any one could be expected to tolerate the mental health system the way it is set up.


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It is good to have such good support and reassuring unconditional love. Deborah Belty


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First YOUR life!

Seek help, before the illness affects YOUR life substantially. Since I receive therapy, life changed for the better. But I had to learn it the hard way. Don't let stigma prevent you from seeking help!


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