April 29, 2010

That's how Frank Bruno talked about how some people's reactions to his mental health problems hurt, in the TV and radio studios today.

Frank and I were talking about mental health discrimination and the Time to Change campaign on radio and TV all morning, and Frank's honesty and openness about his breakdown is inspirational. Already, the positive responses to Frank's interviews are flooding in. Here are just a couple of comments from the This Morning websiteand Time to Change Facebook page that show what a huge impact much-loved celebrities like Frank can have by speaking out about mental health issues:

“Wonderful interview. Good on you Frank for talking so openly. I'm sure you have comforted many people and also opened others eyes to the fact that any form of mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of or frightened of.

“Watching Frank Bruno has been a much needed inspiration to me. Frank has given me strength to realise that at some point in his life I know my brother will get the help he deserves. It took Frank a long time, but he got there in the end. Well done. A true hero!

As I said to Holly and Phil on the This Morning sofa, we will all know and love someone who is affected by mental health problems, and so this issue is relevant to all of us. It's the small things we do that can make a big difference being there to support someone, not cutting them off because we feel too embarrassed to talk about mental health, and learning a little bit more about their condition.

So a big thanks to Frank for helping us to get this message out there. He's exactly the kind of campaign supporter we dream of. Know what I mean?

Read Frank's story here and make your pledge to end mental health prejudice today.

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