Time to Change takes great care to safeguard personal data provided by our supporters and to process this data fairly and lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

When providing details about yourself you can be confident that:

  • Any information you provide online is confidential 
  • Time to Change will always endeavour to keep accurate and up to date information on you 
  • Time to Change will only pass on your details to our partner organisations, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, who lead Time to Change, if you agree you wish to be kept in touch. 
  • Your details will not be shared with any other organisations for their own purposes.


  1. When will I need to provide my details? 
  2. What if I don’t want you to keep my details? 
  3. Why do you need my details? 
  4. Information that we collect on the website

1 - When will I need to provide my details?

If you wish to sign up for email newsletters or as a Time to Change Champion, register an event, sign up to any login area, order materials or get involved with us in any other way you will need to complete a form with your details.

2 - What if I don’t want you to keep my details?

All of the forms on the Time to Change website provide the opportunity to tick a box to say if you are happy for us to keep your details and stay in touch with you. If you do not want us to keep your details please contact info@time-to-change.org.uk to let us know.

3 - Why do you need my details?

There are several reasons why we need or would like to keep your details in order to send you any information you have requested or to deal with any subsequent queries.

If you join Time to Change and register for an account we need your details as we would like to keep you updated on the work we do. We would like to keep your details to keep you informed of news, activities and events that may be of interest to you and opportunities to get involved. We will only do this if you agree that you wish to be kept updated.

4 - Information that we collect on the website


We sometimes place small data files on your computer. These are known as cookies and their use is standard across most websites. They help us improve the site by remembering information (such as what items you’ve put in your basket to order from the online shop) to allow us to analyse how the website is used so we can improve it.

The cookies on our site are use to improve the experience of using the site for everyone and are not used to identify you personally. You can control how you manage these files. Find out how on AboutCookies.org.

The following describes the cookies we use on this site and what we use them for:

“Session” cookies:

Site Analytics and Performance:

  • Google Analytics – we use this tool to understand how the site is being used in order to improve it for our users by making it easier to use and more accessible. User data is all anonymous. Read Google’s privacy overview for Analytics >>
  • DoubleClick - To help us analyse advertising campaigns. User data is anonymous. Find out more >>
  • Mookie1.com - To help us analyse advertising campaigns. User data is anonymous. Find out more >> 
  • B3 - To help us analyse advertising campaigns. User data is anonymous. Find out more >>
  • ScoreCard Research Beacon - from a market research company that studies Internet trends and behaviour. Find out more >>
  • Media IQ - We use this on our site in order to optimise user journeys, all data is held anonymously.
  • Any Media - We use this on our site in order to optimise user journeys, all data is held anonymously.

Link tracking

We sometimes use a short tracking code on links we send out in email newsletters and post on social networks. We cannot use this to identify people personally. It is used to understand how people share and respond to our communications to help us improve them.

Website registrations

We have a database of people who have registered on the website. This information is provided when someone registers in order, for example, to upload an event or order something from the shop. The information is not publicly visible but your username sometimes is (if, for example, you comment on a blog while logged in to the website).

Blog comments

To comment on a blog you must provide your email address. This is in order to help us reduce spam comments and to notify you of replies to your comment.

Read our blog and social media comments policy >>

“Social sharing” buttons

We use “social sharing” buttons on many pages of our site to allow users to easily share the pages with their friends on social networks. This is done using a tool called ShareThis and includes buttons for Twitter, Facebook “Like”, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

At the bottom of each page of the site there is a “Social section” that shows information about Time to Change’s profile on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you are logged in to Facebook than a tool called Facebook Connect is used to show you which of your friends also “Likes” Time to Change.

These social features use scripts from domains outside of Time to Change. These sites may be collecting information about what you are doing across the web. You should check the respective policies of each of these sites to see how exactly they use your information and to find out how to opt out, or delete, such information.

External web content

Sometimes we embed content from external websites on our Time to Change website. The most common kind of content embedded on the site are videos from YouTube. Similar to the “social sharing” buttons these services may collect statistics and information on your use of the embedded content.