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I regularly talk about my complex PTSD with colleagues and in my personal life. When I started my new role in November 2019, speaking out about my mental health problem openly helped other people in my team become more comfortable and ok with it. This tied in with my mental health group I created on Instagram to encourage people in my local area to meet up and talk. Since then I decided to become a Time to Change Champion recently to help change the way people see and act towards those with mental health conditions.


On Time to Talk Day our local group hub worked with some local burger vans which usually attract local tradespeople. We had some fantastic conversations with members of the public, and several of those conversations will stay with me forever. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to start conversations about mental health in this setting, and some people were a little reluctant to talk openly at first, but I was really overcome by the way that people engaged with the campaign and listened to why we were there.


I shared my story in a closed group on a private Zoom meeting, encouraging people to talk about it and not be ashamed.


In August 2019, we invited people from all walks of life to join us for tea, cakes, and singing entertainment on the Stourport steamer boat the River King. Some had experience of mental health and some not. People who were able bodied, living with all kinds of disabilities, of all ages and sex were there. We especially encouraged men and young people to join us to talk about what is mental health and share coping skills. We had a wellbeing raffle and were paired off with strangers to talk about wellbeing. It was one of the hottest days of the year and we finished with a sing song which included the song' Bridge over troubles waters' by X factor singer Richard Ryan. This created laughter and the feel good factor, People were given happiness bags a they left the boat. Feedback was their raffle tickets. A great day had by all, and a lot learnt about mental wellbeing. Proving it's good to talk. Angela McGuire Lifestyle Co-ordinator for Community Housing Group based at Berrington Court, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Angela McGuire