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Developing a mental health and wellbeing champion role within my team at work. There are now three of us and we are working on a mental health and well-being strategy to support our team to - develop awareness around staff mental health and well-being and ensure this is a priority on our agenda as a team - develop strategies in order to manage and help protect our own mental health - to create a working environment where mental health is an open topic so that we can... - support change in perceptions around mental health - help peoppe feel able to share their experiences - support each other and seek support


Summer Stock Theatre have begun work on D Minor - a play raising awareness about mental health issues in young women. Our aim is to encourage open conversation and to promote wellbeing. We have our first rehearsed reading at Theatre Deli on 1st Nov as part of their Mind Full season and are looking for partnerships to develop our work to reach a wider audience.

Summer Stock Theatre

As a New @TimetoChange champion I attended a meeting with fellow hot-deskers and tenants at our local community arts and business hub to talk about how we can better support good mental health. It was really positive and there is a lot of support for doing more. I also wrote blogs on my @worksafeandwell page and website about supporting young people's mental health.


My Husband and I were going through the selection process with the social services - we were hoping to adopt. Our Social worker, during our first meeting said to me "We would like to see you reduce the medication you are on, so we can see if you are mentally well enough to be a parent". He was referring to my low dose of mood levelling Citalopram. I was utterly shocked! Had I been on insulin would they have asked me to reduce that? I complained to my GP, who also happened to have a place on the adoption selection panel. She assured me she would raise this discrimination with the panel and social services. She sent me a copy of the letter she sent. I do hope my challenge made a difference. Adoption was not right for us after all, but other wanna be parents should not be discriminated against and prevented from giving loving homes to children.


I have just joined the Time to Change Champions network. I have an ongoing mental health situation which occasionally renders me unable to work or function in a way I would like, and recently had to pull out of a big work project as my levels of anxiety were too high. When this has happened before I have taken time off work and retreated, but this time I would like to do something useful with what has happened and be a part of promoting more conversation about mental health and how we can better look after each other. I see myself as having ‘fluid capacity’ as I produce and run projects for people who experience difficulties whilst also having them myself. I think I might be well placed to help in some way but am not sure how so this seems a good start!