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I work in the Construction Industry and trained to be an MHFA. I do talks to all of the guys on site about Mental Health and how we can help each other, whilst supporting those on a 1 to 1 if needed.


Using Music To Talk: I am a rapper/producer from South London with experience of mental health issues - mainly depression and addiction. I recently released a single about what depression feels like.


I shared my story to a group of young police cadets. The session was challenging as some were not very receptive, but this made it more rewarding as it shows the work that still needs to be done!


I called my tutor out on his inappropriate and hurtful use of stigmatising language. Whilst his response was not overly positive at first, the feeling of being able to speak openly about why somebody's choice of language is wrong was very empowering and has made me increasingly confident in doing so in the future.


Fight for Freedom

I have written a book (Fight for Freedom) which, when published, will hopefully help to reduce the stigma of and raise awareness about mental health and, in particular, eating disorders.

Rose Anne

Lucy's "It REALLY couldn't happen to a nicer... Child" article


I delivered my testimony in a Time to Change assembly in front of Year 9 boys. Having had a miserable time at school, especially at the hands of similar aged boys this felt like a real, tangible fear to conquer and I was very nervous. I enjoyed the delivery and I was proud to be able to 'rent' my story to the cause, I was also chuffed to overcome a fear.


Garrick campaigning

I became involved in the Time to Change campaign within the last two years. I am particularly interested in raising awareness for black and racial minorities, i.e. people from African-Caribbean backgrounds, as mental health problems are high among people of African heritage.


I delivered my testimony at the Wolverhampton Head Start event. The response from people surprised me, I never thought people would feel so touched by my testimony. I felt quite powerful afterwards, as though I was and am able to make a difference.


I do a mental health lesson with my class once a month - I want them to be able to ask me anything and know it's ok to discuss mental health like we would any other topic.


Peter delivers his testimony

I delivered my testimony, sharing the story of my experience with mental illness to an audience.


Everyone was a bit afraid to talk about mental health at my work, but it mattered to me, so I've been running lunch and learn sessions - we had two or three people at first, now they're really popular.


Keenan's BBC article

I was featured in a BBC News article: "Sons 'fear talking to their fathers about mental health'"


Rich in the Telegraph

Published an article in The Telegraph: "My dad helped me cope with my mental health issues – so why do men still clam up around their sons?"

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Here at TOG Mind, we launched our Employer Pledge at our annual Away Day attended by approximately 80 staff and volunteers. We also launched it Facebook live!

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