April 21, 2011

Macdog73 is a supporter of Time to Change who has recently been part of the #befrank movement on Twitter, which, prompted by the Time to Change campaign, has seen hundreds of people open up about their mental health problems.  She talks about how Twitter can be a helpful place to share experiences and find support.

“I use Twitter as a way of being in touch with people who share similar interests, people who entertain me, campaigns or issues that interest me and celebrities I find interesting. I have been a regular user of Twitter for over two years now.

I saw the #befrank hashtag being used by someone I follow on Tuesday 19 April. I clicked on it and was moved by what I saw. I was prompted to share:

"I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am also a mum, wife and friend #beFrank".

It felt scary doing this, as I don't really open up much to people about my mental health problems. I find it easier to support and help people with their own problems than seek support for my own.

I got positive responses from this post, mainly from people congratulating me for speaking out.  This gave me the courage to post again the next day that I wasn't feeling too good. Again the responses were positive from Twitter friends.

I found it much easier to use Twitter to post these rather than talking in 'real life' because of the anonymity offered.  I do not use Twitter as a daily outlet for my mental health status, rather as a means of support if things are getting too much. Or indeed to share the good days.”

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