Attitudes towards mental health problems are improving, but common misconceptions are leaving some conditions behind, adding to the stigma and stereotypes.

We want people to see the bigger picture and change how they view mental health problems.

Antonio, Billie and Jason have all shared their bigger picture - and now we want to give everyone the opportunity to share theirs. Don't feel you need to disclose your diagnosis, and please only share what feels comfortable to you. 

How do I get involved?

Share your bigger picture on Twitter using:

  • What people see vs What I want them to see
  • Use #MyBiggerPicture
  • Tag us @timetochange

For example:


If you want to share a picture

If you'd like to share a picture of yourself alongside your tweet, we're encouraging people to share the same photo twice - the first in greyscale and the second in colour. 

  • What people see vs What I want them to see
  • Upload your greyscale photo and colour photo 
  • Use #MyBiggerPicture
  • Tag us @timetochange

For example:

Are you on Instagram?

If you'd like to share your bigger picture on Instagram, we're encouraging people to share to Instagram Stories. 

  • Story 1: What people see
  • Story 2: What I want them to see
  • Story 3: Let's change the misconceptions around mental health
  • Use #MyBiggerPicture on all your Stories
  • Tag us @timetochangecampaign 

For example: