Narrated by Amy Rose, North West Champion

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Test your knowledge

Try again: you’ll need to find out if you need to pay anything towards a community venue if you use this. Or you can use your or a friend’s home for free.

Try again: there will be costs associated with the refreshments, especially if you decide to bake. You might be able to get people to donate refreshments.

Try again: if you decide to use decorations to make the venue look nice, you’ll need to plan how to get these for free or buy them.

Correct: you shouldn’t be paying for people to attend your event and Time to Change isn’t able to pay travel expenses for coffee mornings.

Try again: You’ll need to talk about mental health in some way in order to use your event to break down stigma, even if you don’t call the topic mental health.

Correct: it’s up to you which option you choose but this would be one advantage of this approach

Try again: Unfortunately many people still experience stigma because of their mental health problem and many say this is worse to cope with than the mental health problem itself.

Try again: we have no plans to change the name of the campaign.

Try again: we do produce many resources that you could use that are Time to Change branded and it would be great if you could use these, but you can also create your own decorations and materials.

Try again: we do want to get people talking, but about a particular subject..

Correct: it’s important to bring the topic of mental health into the event in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Try again: while coffee will help bring people in, there is another topic that the event should focus on.

Try again: it’s important to let the person decide for themselves if they would like to share information that is really personal to them.

Correct: probably one of the best things you could do for someone would be to listen non-judgementally though make clear you’re not an expert.

Try again: it may be better not to do this unless you are trained to do so, as it might not be right for that person. 

Try again: it’s important to let the person decide for themselves if they would like to seek support.

It is a good idea to have help with planning so you can make sure you’ve thought of everything. But this isn’t the only reason..

It is a good idea to have support on the day as there are a lot of things to do. But this isn’t the only reason..

This is one of the most important things your friends can do for you – make the whole experience more enjoyable and fun. But this isn’t the only reason..

Correct: it’s good to have people involved to help with planning, support you on the day and make the activity fun and less pressured.