What we need as a movement is like-minded people who have the passion to create change. Employee Champions are our incredible supporters who are passionate about tackling mental health stigma and discrimination in their workplace. They drive forward change within their organisation by tackling mental health stigma and run initiatives to improve wellbeing amongst their fellow employees.

We need you to join our call for change and to carry that voice into your workplace. To begin with we are aiming to work with Employee Champions from organisations who have signed the Time to Change pledge to raise awareness of mental health within the workplace and help to break down stigma in the workplace. How you do this is completely up to you (we encourage you to be creative!) but anti-stigma activity should support your Employer Pledge action plan as well as your employer’s overall strategy for supporting employees.

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What is an Employee Champion?
Becoming an Employee Champion. 

If your organisation has not signed the Time to Change pledge yet, you can take the first step by encouraging your organisation to join our growing movement of employers.