Blackpool Council is supporting Empowerment Charity to help change the way people think and act about mental health through the creation of the Time to Change Blackpool Hub. 

Blackpool faces significant issues around mental health, and reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness is a key part of Blackpool Council’s Public Mental Health Action Plan 2016-19. 

Local organisations and people who are committed to ending mental health stigma and discrimination are invited to come together as the Blackpool Time to Change Hub. Collectively and independently, the Hub will initiate and run regular local activities to challenge mental health prejudices. Hub partners also seek to encourage anti-stigma and discrimination policies and best practice within both their own organisations and local strategies.

The Blackpool Time to Change Hub Will:

  • Support the development of a local Champions Campaign Group;
  • Support partners to complete the Time to Change employers pledge;
  • Promote Time to Change messages across Blackpool (e.g. through events, and social media)

Campaign activity will focus on social contacts on key dates:

1) World Mental Health Day (October)

2) Time to Talk Day (1st February)

3) Mental Health Awareness Week (May)

For an up-to-date list of meetings, activities and events check out our Facebook page: BlackpoolTTCHub

For more information, contact the Hub coordinator Jamie: