This week Islington Council joined the growing number of organisations pledging their support to end discrimination against people with experience of mental health problems.

At a signing ceremony at Islington Town Hall, representatives from health and housing agencies, Arsenal FC, and NHS Islington pledged their support to 'Time to Change' and their committment to promote a better understanding of mental health problems and give positive support and welfare advice to their staff.

Islington Council, Cllr Woolley said:

"The council and its health partners have already made progress in promoting positive attitudes to mental health.

"Now we are seeking a change among the wider population to destigmatise mental health problems and make people aware of the support and advice that's out there.

"The borough's employers are key to supporting this goal - with their support, I am delighted that the campaign is getting off to such a great start."

Islington Council and NHS Islington have invested more money in mental health recently, making available 1,000 hours psychological support in addition to developing new high quality housing facilities for those living with a variety of mental health conditions.

NHS Islington Chair, Paula Kahn said:

"We are proud to be involved in this campaign as helping people to have good mental health is a top priority for NHS Islington and in signing this pledge we are further reinforcing this commitment to end discrimination".

Time to Change Pledge Signers:
NHS Islington
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
City University
Homes for Islington
Islington Council
Arsenal FC
Voluntary Action Islington
Hyde Housing