The Time to Change TV advert

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that mean the most to us. And when you’re experiencing a mental health problem, these small things can mean even more. Sadly, many people tell us that when they’re experiencing a mental health problem, their friends feel uncomfortable and unsure what to say or do to help.

 It’s those little gestures that can make such a difference

Our latest campaign presents the small things you can do to support someone experiencing a mental health problem. Whether that’s sending a text, chatting over a cuppa, giving them a call to find out how they are or inviting them out, all these are small things that show you’re there for someone and can really make a big difference.

Keeping a look out for the campaign

You’ll see our new TV advert on your screens from the evening of 20th January on ITV, Channel 4, Five and Sky as well as community channels. From 3rd February, our radio advert will be on community and radio stations such as Kiss, Capital FM, Real Radio, Heart and Sunrise Radio. So be on the lookout! If you see or hear them, get in touch on social media to let us know.

We’re also going to be doing work with LBC Radio, Talksport and the Metro newspaper and will, as always, surround the campaign with blogs from our supporters, telling their stories and life experiences.

Everyone featured in the campaign has either had personal experience of mental health problems or been there to support a friend, colleague or loved one with their mental health by doing the little things. Meet the stars of our advertising!

Time to Talk Day

As part of the campaign, on Thursday 6 February we are aiming to inspire a million conversations about mental health on our first ever Time to Talk Day. We need you to take part by having a conversation with a friend, family member or at work, so that together we can make much noise as possible about mental health. To support you we'll be providing tips, conversation starters and even Time to Talk tea bags!

What can you do?

You can help to get the nation talking by:

  • Sharing the new TV advert with your friends, family and colleagues
  • Signing our pledge wall and sharing online
  • Taking part in Time to Talk Day on 6 February
  • Joining in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #TimetoTalk