Our latest campaign is now in full swing and we’d like people to start a conversation about mental health. Can you help by sharing a profile or cover image on Facebook or Twitter?

Support the Time to Talk campaign

It's #TimetoTalk about mental health and we can all make a big difference. Why not download the graphics on our downloads page and customise your online profile to share the time to talk message. Thank you for your support, you make Time to Change what it is.

From 12th August, we will also be working with the Real Radio network across North England. Activity on stations in the North East, North West and Yorkshire will include adverts and interviews encouraging people to start a conversation, as well as promoting the Time to Change pledge on the Real Radio website. The Real Radio Patrol will also be taking the Time to Talk message out on to the streets of major cities across the North!

The January 2013 campaign successfully reached over 43.5 million people. As a result, over 640,000 of them were prompted to start a conversation about mental health and 2.8 million said it made them think about asking someone 'how they were doing'.

Local radio stations have big audiences within their local community and are the perfect medium for starting conversations. It’s a great fit for us to be working with Real Radio as they talk to their listeners everyday on-air but also engage them directly in real time on the phone, text, email, twitter and even on the ground with their street teams.

“Our partnership with Real Radio will help to deliver a serious message, but on a local and personal level through a trusted source. We are confident that this joint work will engage listeners in the subject and help to show how we can all play our part in helping to remove the stigma around mental health.

Time to Change Director, Sue Baker