Thrive London aims to create a city free from mental health stigma and discrimination

Thrive London mental health campaign launch

Today sees the launch of Thrive London, a citywide movement for mental health, supported by the Mayor of London and the London Health Board. It strives to:

  • raise awareness of mental health issues
  • challenge stigmas
  • encourage all Londoners to look after their mental wellbeing and facilitate improvements in care.

London's communities, organisations and services are coming together to support the movement with an important goal: for Londoners to enjoy healthier happier lives.

Time to Change is working with Thrive London to develop a London-specific anti-stigma campaign that will work with communities where poor mental health is particularly prevalent and where barriers to receiving help are particularly challenging. The campaign will be developed with these communities, including people who are living with, or have had experience of, poor mental health. A fund will support the campaign to stimulate activities in communities, schools and workplaces that connect people with those experiencing poor mental health.

Jo Loughran, director of operations at Time to Change, said: “No Londoner should be made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless because of their mental health problem. That’s why we’re pleased to see a commitment to end mental health stigma and discrimination in Thrive London’s plans. We look forward to working with the partners that make up Thrive London to tackle this issue through a specific campaign for the capital.”

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