You're going to be seeing the Time to Change campaign in the media a lot over the next few weeks!

Friday 31st January: Time to Change supporter Michael Yardy was diagnosed with depression in 2010 and has subsequently been diagnosed with OCD. He spoke to talkSPORT and in Sport magazine about withdrawing from the 2011 Cricket World Cup, announcing to the press he was coming home because of his depression and the small things people can do to support someone they know who may be experiencing a mental health problem.

    Michael Yardy


Monday 3rd February: Thousands of commuters were introduced to a group of Time to Change media volunteers, who appeared in a two-page spread in today's Metro Newspaper. Over the next two weeks, they will be sharing their story, and telling people about why it's time to talk. 

Time to Change media volunteers in the Metro Newspaper Time to Change campaign in the Metro UK Newspaper
Rohan, Shirish, Louise, Tim, Jonny and Emily - all working professionals - will talk openly about mental health to help break down stereotypes, help people to learn a little more and to take the stigma out of something that affects us all.

Wednesday 5th February: Today Jonny Benjamin spoke in the Metro newspaper about his experience of schizoaffective disorder and how talking literally saved his life.  

 Thursday 6th February: Louise Goux-Wirth featured in the Metro today. In the article, Louise speaks about how she told her employers about her depression

Today was also our first ever Time to Talk Day where we aimed to start a million conversations about mental health. Read our live blog and catch up on all the exciting conversations that took place across England on the day!

This evening we also ran a two hour special Kick Off show with Stan Collymore on talkSPORT talking about mental health with live interviews with Sue Baker, Tim McKenna and his friend Matt Sutton, and Joe Nickel. If you missed it, you can still listen to it on the talkSPORT website.

Friday 7th February: Tim spoke in the Metro about his experience of bipolar disorder and the small things his friend Matt has done to support him when he was unwell

Martin Ling, former Torquay United Manager, also spoke for the first time to Sport magazine about his depression, and the calls of support he received from Sir Alex Fergurson, Sam Allardyce and Chris Hughton whilst he was receiving treatment in The Priory. He also gave some advice for anyone who knows someone with a mental health problem and the small things they can do to help.

Monday 10th February: Today Rohan spoke in the Metro about his bipolar disorder. He didn't tell many people about his recovery at the time but now dedicates as much time as he can to speaking out about his experience and reaching out to others.

Wednesday 12th February: Shirish featured in today's Metro. Shirish has depression and says there needs to be more awareness about mental health in the workplace. He says he's now in a really good place thanks to the support from his medical team and the amazing support of his partner.

Thursday 13th February: Emily De Cosmo featured in the Metro today talking about her experience of OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder