Date of Pledge: 

About this pledge

At CR Civil Engineering Ltd we have enjoyed continued success and growth from our inception, 20 years ago. This has only been possible through the continued hard work, loyalty and selfless commitment of our people. As such we are fully committed to giving back what our people put in. We recognise that part of this is ensureing the wellbeing and mental health of every one of our employees.  Our culture is one of family, where we each look out for each other and support each other. This is both when times are good but crucially, when the chips are down.

We are committed to ensure positive and resilient mental health is instilled at every level of our organisation, is formalised and makes use of the latest research and techniques to best educate our staff on how best to identify mental health causes, issues, aid recovery and provide resilience in the future. We recognise that by aligning ourselves with Time to Change and committing to their philosophies and best practices we are aligning with a social movement of thousands of people from all backgrounds and sectors who are there to provide mutual support with access to a centralised wealth of information and guidance.  We recognise that by doing this we not only fulfil our commitment to ensuring the wellbeing and positive mental health our own staff but through sharing our experiences can be part of a much bigger movement and force for positive change.