Be in your mate's corner

1 in 4 of us will fight a mental health problem this year

Surprisingly common, isn’t it? Yet, too many people are still made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless as a result.

Being in your mate's corner could make all the difference. So, if your mate is acting differently, step in.

Here are three ways:

  1. Ask them how they are. Face to face, by text or by phone.
  2. Listen, without judging.
  3. Be yourself. Talk about normal, everyday things.

It's not hard to be in someone's corner, and it could have a big impact: 

matt & simon

“Just be yourself, let them know you are there for them and spend time doing fun, light-hearted mate things. Sometimes it’s not about talking about problems. Sometimes it’s about having a way of not having to talk about them.” Simon, right.

 Read Simon's story about he supported his friend, Matthew. 


“Strangely enough one of the most helpful people was a friend who was travelling on the other side of the world. I’d be wide awake at 2am, staring into space, my heart beating out of my chest. And there she was, at the other end of the phone when everyone else was in bed, sending me words of encouragement.” Lauren.

Read Lauren's blog about the importance of having a friend in your corner. 


andrew & nathan

“Men can find it awkward to know what to do or say. But if someone’s approached you, it’s for a reason, so don’t be afraid to ask what’s wrong. I’ve found a well-placed joke can break the ice too.” Andrew, right. 

Watch Andrew talk about how Nathan, his line manager, was in his corner. 




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