Event description

The audience will be the British Army HQ Armour Centre & the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment based in Bovington Dorsetmental health awareness workshops. One will be for soldiers and Army welfare workers who will lead this work across the locality. One will be for the families of Army soldiers. Helen Hutchings will also liase with the Army Families Federation who wish to write an article in their magazine which goes out to every magazine in the Britsh Army in the UK and overseas.
She will be:
1.giving a talk on my lived experience of mental health problems
2.delivering a 1 hour Tea & Talk Workshop
3.Conducting an action planning session as to how they will challenge stigma and discrimination and raise mental health awareness within their community.

Tea & Talk is a fun and informal mental health awareness workshop that aims to challenge stigma and discrimination by getting people talking over tea and cakes.
People are given the opportunity to reflect on their own experience and to think about how it is in everyone’s interest to work together for mentally healthier communities.
Through personal pledges people demonstrate that they understand the value of conversation and relationship in supporting both their own and the mental health of others.
Tea & Talk is about cultural change and will motivate employers, educators and individuals to support, instead of manage people.Tea &Talk inspires people to not wait for change but to instigate it for themselves.

Event details

Time & Date: 
Sun, 17/06/2012 - 11:00pm
Sir Richard Hull Road , Bovington Camp, Wareham
Dorset BH20 6JA