If your child has been diagnosed with a mental health problem, it can be daunting to know what to do next. But you don’t have to fix the problem – just being there for them will be a big help.


  • It may be helpful to do some research on the condition that they’re experiencing, so you can better understand what they’re going through. We have some information and personal stories here
  • Be patient: there are no quick fixes when it comes to mental health. You’ll want them to get better, but putting pressure on them to improve may make things worse for them.
  • Let them know you’re open to talking about it, but try not to pressure them into a conversation.
My mum’s impatience with me turned into sympathy and a desire to understand me better. Although she still thinks depression is a giant mystery that she’ll never entirely fathom, just knowing she’s there and willing to spend time on me is a great help. – Lisa