March 31, 2011

It started with Fern Britton talking about depression in the Radio Times. 

Then came the news of cricketer Michael Yardy's public disclosure of his depression when he flew back from the World Cup, with the open support of his club and colleagues, and much – supportive – media comment.Then I got talking to a BT engineer who came to my house, who said he lives with depression.

The next day, I presented to BBC staff about the media and mental health – and afterwards, received lots of emails making personal connections, with people who had been in the audience telling me about their own experiences. 

And I spent yesterday working on the airwaves with Frank Bruno and his wonderful daughter Rachel, who talked openly about how as a family they had supported each other during Frank’s breakdown eight years ago.

All these conversations that have happened over just seven days – and all the other conversations that they will hopefully have sparked – have shown that we can do a lot together just by talking about mental health more openly.

Start your conversation today – find out how to get started. 

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