"Every single student does some work on mental health and resilience. We use a positive mental health model, in terms of explaining to students that we all have mental health, we can have good mental health and poor mental health and we move up and down that spectrum."

Below, you will find resources to support you in working with your team and students to actively participate in the movement, challenging stigma and promoting resilience. 

Getting started

Spending some time 'off timetable' on mental health has a positive impact on all areas of school life. We know that school life is busy and we’ve developed a range of resources that are easy for staff to access and are effective in getting students thinking and talking about mental health. Download our get started pack 

A whole school approach

We recognise the importance of having all members of the school community engaged in challenging stigma. Taking part in national events like Time to Talk Day and World Mental Health Day can be a good way of getting staff, students and parents engaged.

"You don't have to do much, it's not a question of enormous resources, it's just a change of mindset, giving children resources to manage their emotional wellbeing, you can do that through the curriculum."

Support networks

Front cover of the school leaders guideWe’ve produced an easy, ready-to use guide to help you set up a school leaders’ mental health network in your region. The primary reasons for setting up a mental health network are simple. Among other things, they help us to learn from others’ experiences and share ideas on what works and where changes might be made.

We have supported the development of three school leader networks in Bristol, Liverpool and Kent that meet on a quarterly basis to discuss issues relating to mental health and mental health stigma. 

The networks allow schools to support each other, share information on what works for them and what resources and support they use. Each of the networks is taking on joint initiatives and planning activities for the coming school years which engage pupils, staff teams and parents. 

“Challenging the stigma and misconceptions about mental health requires a starting point and some knowledge of where to signpost students and staff for support should they need it. Having a network of colleagues and contacts from both in and out of other schools can give you that starting point.”


Supporting staff wellbeing

We know that in order to support students’ wellbeing, staff need to feel looked after too. With 1 in 4 British workers affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year, it makes sense to create a positive culture around mental health for teams. Sign the employers pledge and receive support from Time to Change in reducing stigma and discrimination for your staff.  

Resources for your school 

We have assemblies, session plans and downloadable materials ready for you to use in your school.