What is a Time to Change Hub?

A Time to Change Hub is a partnership between people with their own lived experience of mental health problems (Champions), representatives from health and wellbeing boards, local authorities and mental health/voluntary sector organisations.


Who do Time to Change Hubs work with?

Hubs typically work with a whole range of other sectors that have an interest in mental health such as Children and Young People, Education, NHS, Blue Light services and local employers, to name just a few.


What do Time to Change Hubs do?

Partners work together to deliver their own anti-stigma campaigning activities. These support schools, workplaces and communities to take action.


Do Time to Change Hubs receive funding?

Time to Change provides funding to some hubs for 18 months to further their work locally.  Whether they receive funding or not all hubs have committed to tackling mental health stigma and discrimination.

Funded hubs receive £25,000 to deliver these activities of which £10,000 is for a Champions Fund. This enables people who have experienced a mental health problem, registered as a Time to Change Champion and living within a Hub area, to apply for up to £500 to lead on activities to tackle stigma and discrimination. More details on this can be found here. 

Improving the health and wellbeing of local communities as well as tackling stigma and discrimination is a strategic priority for all our partners; becoming a Time to Change Hub gives them the opportunity to achieve this.


What kinds of work are Time to Change Hubs engaged in locally?

Examples of Hub activities include:

  • Local media and social marketing campaigns
  • Targeted work with local schools and employers; signing the Time to Change employer pledge
  • Public events, including ‘social contact’ work on Time to Talk Day, Mental Health Awareness Week  and World Mental Health Day
  • Lived experienced Champions organising local events and activities
  • Embedding anti-stigma and discrimination objectives and best practice in relevant local strategies

Time to Change Hub partners demonstrate their commitment to: 

  • Putting people with personal experience of mental health problems at the heart of their work 
  • Embedding anti-stigma and discrimination work locally, whether that be community settings, schools and  workplaces
  • Proactively campaigning to improve people's attitudes and behaviours  towards mental health 


Where did the idea of Time to Change organic Hubs originate?

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from three rounds of applications, we developed an ‘organic’ Hub model. This allows us to provide 'light touch' support in areas we were unable to fund but who demonstrated their commitment to the campaign in their application.

We provide these Hubs access to our induction, training, branding, local and regional contacts and all Time to Change tools and materials. We also provide a limited amount of staff time through our Community Leadership and other teams to help 'these Hubs develop.