Time to Talk Day is on 6 February 2020: help us get the nation talking about mental health. 

Time to Talk Day is one of the biggest days on the mental health calendar: it’s a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives.

We want to get more people talking than ever this year. The more conversations we have, the more myths we can bust and barriers we can break down – helping to end the isolation, shame and worthlessness that too many people with mental health problems are made to feel.

If you're a blogger, vlogger, podcaster or social media campaigner, you can help by showing your followers why talking about mental health is so important to you.

Content ideas

This year, we're using the popular game 'Would you rather?' to help break the ice and encourage everyone to choose talk and help change lives this Time to Talk Day.

You can highlight why you are choosing to talk about mental health. For example: 

  • Because too many people are made to feel isolated and ashamed when it comes to mental health
  • Because talking about mental health can change lives

If that doesn't work for you, don't worry – you can create anything as long as it's about talking about mental health. You might want to use these questions as prompts:

  • The first conversation you ever had about mental health
  • What impact does talking have? What does it mean to be able to talk about mental health?
  • Who do you find it easy to talk to and why? Who do you find it difficult to talk to and why?
  • What are your top tips for starting and having a conversation about mental health?

Images to download

Get the word out about Time to Talk Day and show your support on social media:

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What to do next

Once you've created your Time to Talk Day content, here's what to do next:

  • Upload it on 6 February, which is Time to Talk Day! 
  • Use #TimetoTalk in your posts, if it's appropriate
  • Let us know what you've made by telling us on Twitter, @TimetoChange. We may share your content or put it up on our Time to Talk Day wall.