Assemblies are a powerful way of getting the message about mental health out to your students. We have a range of assemblies ready for you to deliver.

10 minute assemblies 

We have two 10-minute assemblies you can deliver in your school:

  1. The Stand Up Kid: this assembly uses our Stand up kid video to get students talking about mental health stigma.
  2. Small things: this assembly encourages students to think about the small things they could do to support their friends and classmates. 

15 minute assemblies:

  1. 15 minute assembly and guidance notes
  2. Chris' Story: this assembly features the story of Chris, who experienced psychosis.  

Assembly series

This series of four 10 minute assemblies is based on our current In Your Corner campaign. Access the assemblies >

Small group sessions

If you have a small group, use one of our ready-made session plans to get your students talking and thinking about mental health.
  1. Mental health spectrum exercise: this exercise uses case studies to help your students to understand the difference between good wellbeing and poor wellbeing. 
  2. Mental health quiz, true or false: this short quiz will help your students to think about what they already know about mental health, and hopefully also learn something new! 
  3. Graffiti wall: this exercise will get your students brainstorming and discussing the difference between 'mental health' and 'mental illness'. 
  4. Conversation starter: divide your class into pairs or groups and get them to play this fortune teller-style game to start conversations about mental health.