Start a conversation on social media and help us get the nation talking about mental health!

This year, we're showing that talking about mental health doesn’t have to be awkward and can make a big difference to someone’s life. Help us to spread the word that choosing to talk about mental health can change lives.

Quick ways to get involved

Before Time to Talk Day:

Tell your followers that you’ll be taking part and encourage them to join in – here’s an idea of what to post:

I’ll be taking part in Time to Talk Day on 4 February 2021 to help change attitudes towards mental health. Find out how you can get involved too: #TimeToTalk

Icon with a heart to represent a 'like' on social mediaOn the day:

  • Share and like our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Share why you’re choosing to talk about mental health by using #TimeToTalk on your social media posts
  • Follow #TimeToTalk on Twitter and Instagram, and get involved in the conversation

Content ideas

Everyone feels differently about how much they want to share online, but if you feel comfortable sharing your own mental health story, it can be a powerful way to change attitudes. 

You could…

  • Post a short piece of writing, poem, drawing, or photo
  • Write a blog
  • Share a video
  • Share your thoughts on an Instagram story

Think about…

Why you’re choosing to talk about mental health:

  • "so that no one feels alone when they’re experiencing a mental health problem"
  • “because I know how empowering it is to hear someone’s story”
  • “because 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem – it’s time for the stigma to end”

Something you would like people to learn about mental health:

A story of how someone made a difference to your life by talking about mental health:

  • “My friend listened to me when I was struggling – they helped me to get support”

Or a story of the impact of mental health stigma, and why things need to change:

  • “Saying I was ‘just lazy’ and ‘too young to be depressed’ just made me feel worse – I wish they had listened to me instead.”

Before you post, take some time to consider your own boundaries and how much you’re happy to share. 

Time to Talk Day 2021 - social media post example Social media graphics and videos

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