We aim to encourage organisations from all sectors and communities to challenge stigma and discrimination.  One example of this is work that the Church of England have done to get church congregations talking about mental health.  The Revd Eva McIntyre has produced a web resource providing ideas and resources for churches to plan worship on the theme of mental health: you can find this here.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury signing the pledge

In February 2012, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, signed the Time to Change pledge on behalf of the Church of England. 

As part of this commitment to tackling mental health stigma and discrimination, later in the year he hosted an event at Lambeth Palace for leaders from different faiths to look at ways of tackling the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems in their communities.  Attendees from Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Jain faith groups and address the role they play in supporting people with a mental illness to feel able to talk openly about their experiences.  Find out more about the event. 

Do you work with faith groups?  Could you help get your community talking about mental health?  Find out more about signing our organisational pledge.