It’s possible that someone experiencing a mental health problem might isolate themselves. Having a mental health problem can be really draining, and low moods or anxious feelings can make it tough to be sociable - they may also feel like their presence places a burden on their friends and family.


  • Stay in contact and be yourself
  • It might feel frustrating if you’re putting in effort, but try and be patient - things are probably hard for them.
  • They probably appreciate you being in touch even if they’re not responding - a mental health problem can be overwhelming and can make it difficult to maintain a ‘normal’ social life.

It could be nothing, but if you’re mate’s hard to reach, it might be a sign that they’re not well, so stay in touch.

“Never underestimate just how powerful a single message can be when someone is struggling. Just that simple act of letting a person know you are thinking of them can truly make all the difference .”