Your mate might seem more distant or distracted than usual. It could be nothing, but there might be something more serious on their mind. Either way, try not to take offence, as they may well need your support.


  • Be patient, talk about everyday things, and don’t change how you act around them
  • Don’t assume that it’s a problem with you and take offence!
  • You could ask them about what’s on their mind.

If you’re mate’s acting differently, don’t shy away from it. They might need a friend more than ever.

“When I did get discharged I continued to struggle with a very low mood, but again my friends kept getting in touch. Another old mate who was temporarily between jobs made a point of coming over and taking me out for walks with his dog. Stomping through the bridle paths of Surrey in the freezing cold, doing his best at speaking for both of us as I struggled to get more than two words out whilst I just despaired of ever being “me” again or ever being able to work again.”