Firstly, it’s good that your friend has opened up to you - it lets you know that they trust you, and you must be a good mate if you’ve created space for them to talk about what’s happening. And there are some straightforward things you can do to help.


  • You don’t have to fix it, but being there will help them. Ask them if there’s anything specific that you could do.
  • Don’t treat them differently - keep doing the things you’d normally do together.
  • It might help you to find out more about their condition, if they mentioned one.

How you respond when a mate opens up to you about their mental health can change their life. Be there for them.

“I was absolutely terrified that the first person I opened up to would think of me, or treat me, differently. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I forced myself into isolation for days on end - but thankfully my friends were there for me.” - Rory