You might have noticed a change in the way your mate is using social media. For example, they might be posting way more or may have gone completely silent. It could be nothing, but it could also be a sign that they’re experiencing a mental health problem. Either way, they may well need your support.


  • Keep a close eye out for subtle changes in their language or the way they are using their social media pages i.e. posting cries for help or cryptic messages
  • If you are still worried, send them a private message to ask how they are doing - they are more likely to respond to this than a public message.
  • If they’ve completely disappeared from social media, try get in touch by other means or contact their friends & family.

If your mate's going through a tough time, stepping in and showing you care could make all the difference. 

"In a desperate plea, I decided to open up about my struggles through social media and then in face to face conversation with my loved ones, friends especially. I was so overwhelmed by the support that I received from my friends and ever since I started speaking, my friends have done everything they can to build back up my confidence and slowly but surely helping me to recover."