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In the high-pressure and often harsh working environment of the construction site, talk of emotions can seem like a sign of weakness. In common with many sections of society, there remains a stigma attached to mental illness, meaning many who suffer do so in silence.   

In 2014/15 there were 69,000 cases of self-reported illness in the construction industry, costing £1.3bn in lost working days. 20% of these were related to mental health. Construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than a fall from height.

The Construction industry has an issue with mental health. There's absolutely no doubt about that. We've got to start talking about it. Normalising it. Making it a part of every-day conversation. It's not enough simply making our people aware of the services on offer, if they don't feel comfortable accessing them. 

Our people need to know that, if they are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any other condition, the company will support them.  Signing the Time To Change pledge has been a key milestone in demonstrating that we are serious about removing the stigma of mental health in the workplace and making sure that we support our colleagues who may be experiencing  mental health issues.

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Our team of 20,000 people and the depth of services we deliver make us a leading supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services both in the UK and internationally.

We’ve been in business for nearly 100 years. We’re proud of our long history and the difference we make; serving the communities we work in, whatever the weather and whatever the challenge.

We create safer, smarter, and sustainable places to live, work and travel. By designing, building, maintaining and investing in our country’s services and infrastructure we make a difference including engineering, facilities management, utilities, transport, environmental services, defence and justice. We know these are the services that matter – the ones you rely on at home and on the move. That makes us the faces behind the services you use every day – and together, we’re helping to create better places to live, work and travel.

'Putting people first' is one of our core values which underpin the way we work. By improving and maintaining good mental wellbeing in our workplace, and supporting one another, we aim to provide an environment which empowers everyone to deliver and grow.

In May 2017 James Haluch, Managing Director – Highways, signed the Time to Change employer pledge on behalf of Amey to show our commitment to changing the way we act and think about mental health. By working closely with Time to Change to deliver our action plan we aim to improve attitudes towards mental health and increase support we provide to employees.

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Riverside is one of the UK’s leading social housing and regeneration organisations, owning or managing around 53,000 homes from Irvine to Kent. We have a track record of transforming lives and revitalising neighbourhoods dating back to 1928.

We help people find homes, through social rent or shared ownership, and also operate in more than 150 local authorities to provide innovative and flexible care and support solutions that provide exceptional value to commissioning authorities, clients and communities.

One of our key objectives is to embed a culture of high performance as an employer of choice, with a clear focus on engagement, equality and diversity and effective communication. We want our 2,710 staff to be themselves, understanding that this helps people to feel more comfortable in the workplace, so encouraging conversations around mental health fits with that.

Carol Matthews, Riverside CEO, and her Executive Directors officially signed the Time to Change Employer pledge on 1 May 2017.

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