What is a Time to Change Workplace Champion?

If your organisation has signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge, they'll need Champions to carry out their Action Plan.

Champions are focused on changing attitudes. You’ll create opportunities to start up conversations about mental health in the workplace, dispel myths, and make it easier for people to seek support.

What can you do as a Champion?

Every organisation taking the Time to Change Employer Pledge is required to create its own tailored Champions programme to suit its specific needs. We encourage you and your employer to get creative and cut through the workplace noise!

How will we support you?

We provide our Champions:

We know that your day-to-day role might be demanding and time can be scarce. Every activity, big or small, is an important step towards changing how people think and act about mental health.

How do you get involved?

  1. Sign the Employer Pledge
    It’s really important to have support from the top of your organisation – so first, encourage your senior management team to sign the Employer Pledge if they haven’t already. This means they will have a Mental Health Action Plan in place and a Pledge Lead who’s accountable for the plan.
    Tips for getting your organisation to sign the Employer Pledge >
  2. Talk to your Pledge Lead
    Once your Pledge is signed, get in touch with the Pledge Lead at your organisation and ask to see the Time to Change Action Plan. If you don’t know who the Pledge Lead is, get in touch with the Time to Change Employers Team.
  3. Start planning activities
    Think about activities you’d like to run that compliment and support the Action Plan and are relevant to you and the people you work with. 
  4. Talk to other Champions
    Find out if there are other Champions in your organisation and talk to them about their experiences so far.
  5. Make sure your manager supports you
    Discuss the role and commitment with your line manager. The Champion role is additional and voluntary on top of your usual work.
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Change attitudes towards mental health in your workplace.