What is a Time to Change Workplace Champion?

A Time to Change Workplace Champion is the person who starts conversations about mental health. Talking about mental health at work can be daunting: people may worry about how they will be treated and how their colleagues will react. 

As a Time to Change Champion, you can make a real difference to your workplace culture and to the lives of your colleagues, working with your organisation to make mental health a normal topic of conversation, dispelling myths and making it easier for people to seek support.

Our vision of a great Time to Change Champion is someone who makes a difference because they are:

  • Passionate about helping people to understand that mental health belongs to everybody by getting everyone to talk about mental health.
  • Able to give time and resources to undertake meaningful activities that help people to change the way they think and act about mental health.
  • Willing to engage colleagues constructively and positively when taking action to tackle mental health stigma encouraging others to do so too.
  • Keen to spread the word about Time to Change and what the campaign has to offer to organisations.
  • Able to empower colleagues to share their experiences of mental health problems in the workplace and encourage them to become Champions too.  

About the Workplace Champion role

We know that your day-to-day role might be demanding and time can be scarce. Every activity, big or small, is an important step towards changing how people think and act about mental health

Every Champion does different things to help people around them to understand and learn about mental illness.

Some of the things you could do as a Champion include:

  • Having conversations - talking about mental health and your own experience with colleagues
  • Speaking up - challenging false or damaging stereotypes about mental illness
  • Sharing your story - talk about your experiences on any internal social media
  • Working with other Champions - join together with other Champions to campaign against stigma in your workplace
  • Running an activity - organise activities in your workplace, you can get loads of ideas around what others are doing by visiting our Change makers page here
  • Shaping our work - influence the work of Time to Change
  • Supporting your Employer to create a robust action plan / strategy to create this lasting change. We have guides, action plan templates the works to help you with this! Please click here to find out more.

How will we support you?

We provide our Champions:

  • Suggested activities to get you started
  • Free Champions Handbook that you can download
  • A whole menu of resources including e-learning, branded material you can customise and print and a selection of activity packs containing many many ways to start conversations
  • Keep you informed by sending you updates on the campaign and what’s coming up via our Champion Newsletters
  •  Invite you to register for monthly Champion Webcasts
  • Connect you to campaign groups should you wish to work others in your community, for more information click here

Next Steps

  • Consider if you would like to take on the role of a champion in the workplace. It might help to read our list of “Things to Consider” here
  • Sign up to be a Champion so that you start to get our newsletters packed with useful information, updates and resources.
  • Discuss the role and commitment with your line manager. Being a Champion is a flexible and voluntary commitment. You only need to do what you feel comfortable doing and have time for. You don't need to be an expert on mental health or have knowledge of different mental health conditions. 
Register to become a Champion
Change attitudes towards mental health in your workplace.