What is a Champion campaign group?

They are groups of Time to Change Champions who meet, plan and run activities together to tackle stigma in their local area. Through sharing some of their own experiences of mental health problems they help their neighbours, friends, colleagues and community to open up to mental health.

"It can be fun, valuable and meaningful to work with people who have similar experiences and passions."

Katie Clarke-Day, Time to Change Champion

If you would like to campaign with other Champions have a look here to see if there is a group near you.  

No groups in your area? Why not start your own?

If a Champions campaign group doesn't already exist in your area, you can form your own, all you need is 3 or more Champions to get started!

You could also form a group specific to a community you are part of such as LGBTQ+ or BAME - where you can run activities aimed at reducing mental health stigma and discrimination in these communities. 

Register a Champions campaign group

Recruiting other Champions for your group

  • Is there anyone else in your life who might also want to campaign against mental health stigma?
  • Advertise your group on the Time to Change map
  • Contact champions@time-to-change.org.uk and your local Time to Change coordinator to see if we can put you in touch with Champions in your area 
  • Contact local mental health organisations such as Mind and Rethink to see if they will promote your group. If there are any health and wellbeing events happening locally, you could also see if they will let you run a stall to recruit members
  • Ask local organisations to advertise the group to their staff/within the community
  • Print out a Time to Change poster and advertise within local mental health organisations or in community venues

Top Tip: Make sure people know that you are a group who want to change how people locally think and act about mental health, rather than a support group or a group that can offer support and advice.

Have a look at the Champion campaign group pack. Champion Katie shares helpful tips and guidance for getting started as a campaign group including information on training, planning your meetings, working together and keeping safe. 

Mark and some other Champions set up a campaign group in Manchester. Here he talks about his experience of being in a campaign group.