How We Made This Resource

Who made the resource

This resource was put together by the Time to Change Champions team (formerly the Open Up project).

We commissioned Alison Faulkner to co-ordinate the production of Speak Out. She collected material and encouraged people to contribute their experience and expertise. Sybil and Russell of Flexible Films produced the films that you will see of people at events, people talking about their experiences and case studies of individual projects.

What we did

This information in Speak Out comes from two sources: Open Up Initiatives and our Regional Co-ordinators. The Open Up Initiatives are the 30 anti-discrimination projects run by people in their communities that Time to Change supported in 2009 and 2010.

Regional Co-ordinators are part of Time to Change’s Champions team. They use their experience of mental distress, and their knowledge of community development work, to work with people in their regions and support them to speak out against discrimination.

We asked some of the 30 Open Up Initiatives and our Regional Coordinators to share their experiences of discrimination, of running projects, of successes and challenges, tips and advice.

And then we got writing! The factsheets in Speak Out were written by Alison and by Time to Change’s Champions team.


Early on we decided we needed films to accompany Speak Out. We decided to have five case studies, and a number of other short films to illustrate different themes and issues raised by those running and supporting projects. Through these films you will get to meet some of the amazing and inspiring people who challenged discrimination through running a small local project.

Flexible Films encouraged the Initiatives to send in their own film footage and photographs to include in the films. The teams were able to borrow digital cameras and simple Flip camcorders from us if needed.


The Music in the films on Speak Out comes courtesy of Open Up 2009 Initiative Growing Minds.

Pulling it all together

Speak out was formatted, edited and uploaded to the Time to Change website by Helen Davies and Terese Jonsson from our Champions team. Our special advisory group of Time to Change staff and LEAP members gave us their comments and suggestions.


to everyone who has contributed and supported the development of this resource.

It's a work in progress!

We hope that Speak Out will grow over time as more people contribute their knowledge and experience. If you have a suggestion about how we could add to Speak Out please contact the Champions team.

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