Do you want to speak out about mental health discrimination - but don't know where to start?

On this page, you will find tips and advice to help you think about why you might want to start an anti-discrimination project, and talk you through the practical first steps you'll need to take to get things going.

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How to start your anti-discrimination project

All the basics you need to take into account when setting up a project for the first time.

Finding a mentor

How to find an experienced person to mentor you through the process of setting up your project and beyond.

How to constitute your group

Getting your group recognised as a formally constituted organisation.

Setting up a social enterprise

What you need to do to set yourself up as a social enterprise - another way of formally establishing your group and raising money.

A beginner's guide to finding funding

How do you get the money you need to make your project happen? This guide gives you some pointers.

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Why start?

Participants from the Open Up Initiatives Scheme talk about what motivated them to start their anti-discrimination projects.