Personal blogs, vlogs and stories can be a powerful way to change attitudes. By sharing your story, you can spread knowledge and perspective about mental illness that could change the way people think about it.

What we’d like from you

We'll publish blogs that:

  1. Are aimed at changing the way people think and act about mental health
  2. Are about other people’s reactions towards your mental health problem, and the impact it had whether positive or negative
  3. Are aimed at the general public rather than at other people with lived experience.

What we can't publish

Because of the campaign’s aims, we aren’t able to publish blogs that are mainly about:

  1. Mental health treatment, systems or policy
  2. Advice on managing a mental health problem
  3. The promotion of a fundraising activity or commercial product.

Although we don't cover these topics ourselves, why not set up your own blog via WordPress or Tumblr?

We also avoid publishing triggering descriptions of suicide or self-harm. Please read our guidance for blogging about self-harm, suicide, and eating disorders so that you can share the story of your experience with these topics in a way that’s safe for readers.

What happens once you've sent your blog?

  • We may edit your blog for clarity or to remove triggering content, but we will always share any edits with you before we publish
  • We moderate all the comments on social media, but if you're ever worried about this, just email our team.

Privacy and online safety

If you are interested in blogging for Time to Change but worried about online safety – there are some great resources available to help. You can also take a look at our privacy and commenting policies.

Blog submission form

This form tells us a bit about you and allows you to send your story to us. All personal details will remain confidential - we usually use your first name when we publish your post, but can always use an alternative if you'd rather.

We receive far more requests to publish a blog here than we are able to publish or respond to within the team. Unfortunately that means that we may not always be able to publish posts or provide feedback as often as we'd like to. Any questions, we're here to help.