Where you can you find us?

How do we manage each platform?

  • Our social media platforms are managed by our communications and digital teams
  • We moderate our three main channels, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr every week day from 9-5
  • We also check-in twice a day at weekends
  • Our other channels are used more sporadically, for example when we have a particular campaign which suits that platform
  • We moderate blog and YouTube comments twice a week, removing offensive content and responding to people in crisis
  • Our paid Facebook adverts are unmoderated

What we'll post and share

  • We'll keep our content up to date, regular and engaging
  • We'll re-share content you've shared with us whenever we can
  • We'll answer any questions or comments you have within 24 hours and signpost you to relevant information that can help
  • If we're worried about your safety because of something you've shared with us, we'll let you know about support and emergency services
  • If we're worried about someone else's safety because of something you've shared, we may need to contact emergency services ourselves

What we'll remove

  • Abusive or offensive messaging
  • Personal attacks or criticisms of another person
  • Spam or commercial content
  • Comments that are off topic from the original post
  • Triggering content, particularly that which describes a method of self-harm or suicide
  • Posts which are excessively long and cannot be reasonably moderated by our team
  • In cases of persistent spam or troll content, an account may be prevented from contributing further
  • In rare cases we may also prevent an individual from contributing, if their contributions are becoming unmanageably disruptive or persistently breaking our page rules
  • With the exception of spam and commercial content, we will always contact you to explain why your post, comment or ability to contribute may be removed

If you have any questions

Our digital team are always happy to answer any questions you have about the way we manage our social media, just get in touch.