To help you create workplaces that are conducive to mental health and wellbeing, where stigma and discrimination around mental health has no place, we have filmed four workshops:

An Introduction to Mindfulness - Read our guide 

Emotional ResilienceRead our guide 

Five Ways to WellbeingRead our guide

Starting the ConversationRead our guide

Although it may be beneficial for individuals to watch the workshop on their own, to gain maximum benefit from the sessions we recommend running them as part of a group or team activity.

To do this you will need to have nominate a colleague to facilitate this. The facilitator will not need an in depth knowledge of the subject matter but it will help if they have already viewed the workshop content and have read the guide. This is a fantastic opportunity for one of your Champions to take the lead if they feel comfortable. Remember we have an Employee Champion Officer on hand for advice and support.

How you might run the workshop:

  • Incorporate the workshop into an existing e-learning / induction package for staff.
  • Run the workshop as part of an extended team meeting, or all staff meeting.
  • Make content available on your staff intranet.
  • Offer a space to run the workshops at a key point in the organisational or mental health calendar