Being active on social media can be a really powerful way to change the way we think and act about mental health, and Champions do inspiring and important work to help people to open up to mental health online. However we need to make sure that people can tell the difference between the opinions of the “official” Time to Change office and the rest of the movement. Being clear about this will help us to make more change together. So we’ve put together some guidance to help you use the Time to Change brand appropriately when you set up social media accounts.

Champions can:

  • Use the ‘we’re supporting’ logo or the ‘Champions’ logo
  • Say in your bio that you are a Time to Change Champion or you are part of the Time to Change movement, e.g.:
    • “We are a group of Time to Change Champions in Suffolk”
    • “We are part of the Time to Change movement to change the way people think and act about mental health in Sheffield”

When setting up new social media accounts, please don’t:

Use the main Time to Change logo
Have text in your user name, handle or bio that indicates that you officially represent Time to Change, e.g.:

  • @TimetoChangeDevon
  • “We are the @TimetoChange group for Liverpool”