There is a certain stigma surrounding self-care that we are so desperately trying to fight... because self-care isn’t selfish.  If anything, it’s a necessity. And it can really go a long way in impacting how we think and feel about ourselves and our bodies. - Jaya, Champion

Champions use their own experience to change public attitudes about mental health. Sharing some of our own experiences with people without mental health problems can change the way they think and act about mental health.

Think about what aspects of your experience and story you are comfortable to share with others. 

You may have people approach you who want to seek support for their own mental health. You are not expected to provide this support but can signpost to local services or information lines. This leaflet has lots of tips and support contacts which you could give to them. 

Make sure you have given yourself enough time to plan your activity and that this is a good time for you to do an activity. Get help and support from others and be sure to prioritise your own well being while planning and running the activity. 

Running your own activity can be incredibly rewarding and uplifting. It can also be stressful to manage the preparation and to cope when things go wrong.  Do you make sure that you look after yourself? What could you do to be kinder to yourself? 

We've put together some tips to get you thinking.

Managing stress and frustration
When things go wrong