Working with young people

The Children and Young People’s Team works to improve the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of young people and families around mental health.

Who we are

The Children and Young People's Team includes full-time staff, part-time staff, volunteers and Young Champions.

What we do

Working with schools and organisations

  1. We have also created resources which any secondary school can use to run their own Time to Change Campaign.
  2. Setting up senior leader networks to address mental health stigma and discrimination, share expertise and involve more schools
  3. Supporting our partner schools with their campaigns and ongoing work.
  4. Training staff and young people in our network schools to lead their own Time to Change campaigns within their schools and clubs.
  5. Involving young people who have mental health problems in our training so that school staff and students get to hear people’s real life stories.

Why we do it?

1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem and, sadly, 90% of those young people will experience stigma and discriminationStigma stops young people seeking help; it stops them living normal lives, and sometimes it makes them give up on their hopes and dreams.

I heard nasty rumours that people were spreading about me and even comments to my friends about stopping hanging out with me in case I might kill them. This made it so hard to keep friends and make new ones.

Bryony, Time to Change Young Champion

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are working hard to change things for the better. We want young people who experience any mental health problems to receive support and understanding from those around them.  Attitudes are formed at a young age, and through this work we also want to prevent young people developing negative attitudes towards people with mental health problems in the future. We want all young people to grow up knowing that it’s ok to talk about mental health.

Our aims

Our young people’s work aims to:

  •  Improve the knowledge, attitudes & behaviour of young people and families around mental health
  • Reduce the number of young people with mental health problems who experience the negative impact of stigma and discrimination
  • Improve the confidence and ability of young people and families to speak openly about their mental health problems
  • Improve the confidence and ability of all young people and families to tackle stigma and discrimination when they see it or experience it.
  • Improve the social capital of young people with mental health problems by building young people’s confidence and ability to get involved and engaged within their local communities and activities including Time to Change

Our resources

If you are a teacher or youth professional, find out how you can use our resources to support your work with young people.

We have a range of blogs written by young people and a number of videos and vlogs that been produced and co-produced by young people. 

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