It's all about attention

  • 3 people in an average classroom will experience a mental health problem
  • 3 in 4 of those people fear the reaction of friends
  • 1 in 4 say negative reactions from friends made them want to give up on life

Do you pay attention to how your friends are doing?

Do you see mental health problems as real, like physical health problems? Or do you just see attention-seeking behaviour?

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“As soon as someone dismisses your feelings, it’s like a blow to the stomach. But when someone took me seriously, it was such a relief knowing they were on my side.” - Sapphy

What does judging others who might have mental health problems mean, and how might it affect them? 

Mental health affects the way we think and feel about ourselves and others, and how we respond to daily life.

Find links to videos, blogs written by young people and our online interactive story, The Kid and I. 

Download and share our #nojudgement infographic with your mates.

It's really important to be there for friends in good times and bad. And what's great is that it doesn't take a lot. 

We work with people of all ages to make things better for those with mental health problems, find out more about what our Children and Young People's team does here.

Are you worried about something?

Our campaign partner, YoungMinds, offers information about mental health and emotional wellbeing.

  • YoungMinds website - you are not alone. Find out more about mental health and wellbeing
  • - everything you want to know about medication, but don’t want to ask your GP

This campaign is funded by the Department of Health and managed by Time to Change, in partnership with YoungMinds.