Time to Change is working with Champions and groups of local organisations to help change the way people think and act about mental health in their communities. It’s part of our broader strategy to embed and sustain Time to Change as a social movement in local communities.

We've done this by creating a network of Time to Change Hubs, both funded and 'organic'. They combine the insights from the national campaign with local knowledge to support communities, workplaces and schools to help end the negative attitudes and behaviours towards people experiencing mental health problems where they live.

Time to Change Hubs are local partnerships which demonstrate their commitment to:

  • Putting people with personal experience of mental health problems (Champions) at the heart of their work
  • Embedding anti-stigma and discrimination work locally, whether that be local schools, workplaces or other community settings
  • Proactively campaigning to improve people’s attitudes and behaviours towards mental health.

Following successful pilots in Bristol and Liverpool, in 2017, we set up four funded Hubs: Time to Change Suffolk, Time to Change Leeds, Time to Change Cumbria and Time to Change West Sussex.

In 2018, they were joined by Time to Change Bristol, Time to Change Nottingham, Time to Change Waltham Forest and Time to Change Worcestershire.  

Along with 8 funded Hubs, (which receive a set-up award of £15,000 and £10,000 for a Champions Fund), there are over 25 'organic' Hubs across England which with light touch support campaign in their local area. 

Two Hubs Network Events took place in Newcastle and London where people were able to exchange their experience, learning and achievements.

Find out more information about your nearest hub and other events in your area