We recognise the power and reach of advertising so we regularly run campaigns using a social marketing approach to help change people’s attitudes and behaviours about mental health.

In February 2017 we launched our ambitious new five year campaign, In Your Corner, to engage audiences who previously haven’t seen mental health as an issue relevant to them. We’re particularly targeting men as we’ve identified a number of barriers preventing them from opening up to the topic.

All our campaign work is based on extensive research using quantitative data from surveys and we use qualitative insight from focus groups to inform our creative approaches.

Past campaigns:

No Judgement – in 2015 we ran a campaign backed by spoken word artist Suli Breaks to encourage young people not to judge their friends who are experiencing mental health problems

The Wolf Pack – in 2014 we ran a campaign encouraging men to look out for their mates, you don’t have to be an expert to have a chat about mental health

Make Time For Friends – in 2014 we ran a campaign aimed at young people, highlighting the importance of friendship when it comes to dealing with a mental health problem

It’s The Little Things – in 2014, to help launch our first ever Time To Talk Day, we ran a major TV advertising campaign highlighting how little things like sending a text or having a chat over a cuppa can make all the difference