We’ve collaborated with young people on film projects that tackle topics from not judging others to looking out for friends’ mental health. Below, you can also click through to films and written pieces from supporters, bloggers and celebrities; and play our interactive story, The Kid and I. 


Short Films:

  • #MakeTime: find out what Adam and his friends have been up to for the last three years
  • The Stand Up Kid: how many teachers does it take to change a lightbulb?
  • Schizo: The Movie: a trailer for a new movie from Time to Change. 
  • Meet the #Wolfpack: Four dogs: Dave, Chester, Vinnie and Phil. Meet the wolfpack. 

Testimony Videos:


Written blogs 

Why not read and share stories written by young people? You could also hear why some well-known faces have pledged to support Time to Change and are encouraging young people to do the same. 

  • Blogs written by young people
  • What celebrities have said. 


In March 2014, 4 well-known vloggers took to their YouTube channels to talk about Time to Change and share our message that it's good to make time for friends. Collectively, these have had over 300,000 views and can be used as a a fun way to start conversations about how your young people can look out for each other. 

Find out how to play your part and look after your friends.