The Global Anti-Stigma Alliance (GASA) was founded in 2012 to share learning, methodologies, best practice, materials, and the latest evidence in order to achieve better outcomes for people facing stigma and discrimination related to mental health issues.

Many countries running local and national level mental health anti-stigma and behaviour change campaigns are represented including:  Australia, Canada, The Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Catalonia, Sweden, the USA and Wales.

As interest in tackling mental health stigma and discrimination is growing across the world, and at global levels, GASA members are keen to support others.  We aim to meet face-to-face every 18-24 months as part of the Together Against Stigma conference.  It serves as an international platform to share the latest developments, research outcomes and best practice in attitude and behaviour change.