Welcome to the Time to Change Champions e-learning!

These e-learning modules can help you learn more about being a Champion and ways to campaign.

Each module is standalone so take whichever ones you are interested in! The modules take 15 -20 minutes to complete. 

You can take a quiz after each module to see what you've learnt and print a certificate to show you've completed it.

This is a good place to start with to find out what being a Time to Change Champion is all about. 

This module will teach you everything you need to know to get conversations started about mental health. 

Learn how to set up a coffee morning, including budgets and how to bring mental health into the event through activities.

Learn about how to be a Champion in everyday life, from challenging stigma to having conversations about mental health.

How conversations about mental health can help change attitudes.



How to share your experience online, keep yourself safe, and challenge mental health stigma on social media. 

Learn about mental health stigma and discrimination and how to spot it.

How to plan and run your own Time to Change activity. 

We'd love to hear what other online training you would like to receive, let us know here.