In the run up to Time To Talk Day we’ve recorded a podcast so that you can hear directly from Time to Change Champions.

You can find out about the work other Champions are doing in their area to change the way that people think and act about mental health along with how you can get involved in this years’ Time to Talk Day on Thursday 1 February.

Tell us what you think about this podcast here - and if you found it useful we’ll try to do more in the future and cover the issues that you want to hear about.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Keith and Miriam (podcast hosts)

Episode 1

The podcast introduces your host presenters. Miriam explores the role of a Champion and Keith interviews Time to Change Champion and producer of Men Talk Health Podcast, Davey Shields. With Time to Talk Day coming up in 2018, Miriam shares the latest news on how to get involved. We also hear about what Champions are doing in the Brighton area and a new musical will premiere on 1 Feb 2018.

Meet the people behind the mic


Keith is a Community Leadership Manager at Mind working on the Time to Change campaign as a Champion to tackle mental health related stigma and discrimination. Supporting people with lived experience to speak out and share their lived experience of mental health problems though producing activities and in everyday life.


Miriam currently works for Mind and is passionate about Mind’s mission working towards ensuring that everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

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Podcast Credits


Davey Shields @DaveyShields Men Talk Health

Kat Lee Ryan @fabreddiesel   The Fabulous Red Diesel

Craig Hanlon-Smith @CraigsContinuum


This podcast podcast is a Heavy Entertainment production for Time to Change. It’s produced by Keith Winestein and Miriam Carr with some help from David, Dan, Jim, Davey Shields, Damian Friel, Scott Waple, Jim, Jay Sykes.

Our voice is stronger and louder thanks to funding from the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund.

Podcast Notes

1. How do I become a Time to Change Champion?

You can sign up to become a Champion on the Time to Change website. It’s simple, easy and FREE! Sign up! Register to become a Champion using our online form.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to complete the form on paper or would like to talk through your answers, please email us

Once you’re signed up, we send you a regular e-Newletter with ideas for campaigning and speaking out.

2. I’d like some ideas for an activity

Use the Champions Portal – a digital box of tools for organising an event.

3. Tell us about your activities!

We want to know about your activity! So remember to register it in the events section.

4. Want to publish your own poster?

You can also publish your own materials. Just go to the Get involved section and use the brand platform to create your own materials.

5. Time to Talk Day 2018

Time to Talk Day takes place on 1 Feb 2018

6. What is Social Contact?

At Time to Change, we define Social Contact as: Conversations that take place between people who have lived experience of mental health problems and those who may not.

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