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In 2018 we launched the Champions of Time to Change Podcast. The name was decided by over 50% of Champions who took part in our survey. Every month you will hear directly from guest Champions, campaigners and friends, all of whom want to challenge stigma and encourage us to be more open about mental health. Listen in to find out how Champions start conversations in their local communities.

The first episode was recorded in the run up to Time to Talk Day and Episode 4 which features Mental Health Awareness Week is available NOW! Enjoy listening, and keep checking back for more. Follow the Champions Podcast @ChampionsTTCPod on Twitter.


This podcast is a Heavy Entertainment production for Time to Change. It’s produced by Keith and Miriam from Mind with some help from David Roper, Dan Vo, Davey Shields, Damian Friel, Scott Waple, Jim, Andrew Keates, Wendy Gibson and Jay Sykes.

Our voice is stronger and louder thanks to funding from the Department of Health and Social Care, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund using national lottery funding.


Keith at Mic

Keith is a Community Leadership Manager at Mind working on the Time to Change campaign as a Champion to tackle mental health related stigma and discrimination. Supporting people to speak out and share their lived experience of mental health problems though activities and in everyday life.



Miriam currently works for Mind and is passionate about Mind’s mission working towards ensuring that everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.


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