September 22, 2008

Footprints in the Sand never started life as any sort of crusade, it was simply a personal experience woven in to some lyrical ideas I'd come up with. But there is a story to be told and I am only too happy to tell it and hopefully inspire others in the future.

My name's Lauren and I suffer from anxiety and mild agoraphobia. I used to have panic attacks too. Over the years I've had many ups and downs, been moaned at and put down, forgotten and misunderstood. Felt lonely and frustrated. But through it all the one thing that has always been there, in a positive way, is my hobbies, especially my creative ones.

I have been writing song lyrics ever since a friend told me at school, that something I'd written was more like a song than a poem. I was just playing about with ideas at first, but have been taking it more seriously and developing my skills since 2000. This was also the year I first got in touch with Tyler who has become a co-writer and good friend.

Tyler has been very understanding and supportive to me over the years, and although we don't live local to each other we've managed to carve out a good friendship. Tyler also has an amazing talent as a songwriter. We'd often chat about lyrics and I'd ask for advice. We'd spoken about writing a song together before and I have to admit I was a little over-keen/pushy over the idea but it was all to the good when Footprints was born. I sent Tyler the lyrics and he instantly connected with them and was soon working away at the music and vocals.

The story behind the song is basically a look at how people react to someone with anxiety and how the sufferer wishes for a different reaction. It can also be related to many other people and situations, so we hope it appeals to all.

I can safely say it's one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done. It was a positive and relaxing focus for my mind and even though we were working online it was still a great deal of fun, and an experience I hope will be repeated in the future.

So far Footprints has reached the semi finals of a song contest in 2006 and has been promoted to publishing companies all over the world. We've managed to get quite a few replies and are aiming for a publishing deal. We've also had some lovely support from the public and local radio stations. I was really nervous the first time the song was played on the radio but I'm getting used to it now. Someone I know, who suffers from anxiety as well, told me that I must have confidence in some ways to go out there promoting my song, and that comment has stuck with me, and kept me going when things have been tough.

I don't know what the future will bring but we'll be working hard to take Footprints and any other songs we may write as far as they can go. Apart from telling my story the only other thing I can say is: Open Up and get creative, you never know what may happen!

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