Around 1 in 5 women will experience a mental health problem either during pregnancy or after giving birth. It can be really difficult to open up about a mental health problem at this point in life - a new mother might feel pressure to be happy, or worry that others may not think she's able to look after her child. Read these stories to hear personal perspectives about perinatal mental illness and the misconceptions that people have about it. 

I was so lonely because of post-natal depression

I was diagnosed with pre and postnatal depression after the birth of my second baby. I kept quiet throughout my pregnancy until I was 32 weeks pregnant and then the Dr said he couldn't give me anything because I was too far gone. I then stayed quiet for 14 weeks until something inside switched and I knew I needed to seek help. I was given six sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy, but could only make it to three because of childcare issues.

Post-natal depression shouldn't be a taboo subject

Blogger GemmaMy name is Gemma and I am 34 years old. I suffered with post-natal depression after having my first child four years ago and I want to share my experience. This isn’t an easy thing to write about, I guess because it’s a very personal experience.

Speaking out about my experiences of post-natal depression

Part of My Story

In 1991, after the beginning of my life plan, my husband and I felt we were in the right place in our life to start a family. Met, fell in love, bought a house, married, you know the story.